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PrecisionPerfect - Quick way to remove facial hair.

Remove facial hair. Anytime. Anywhere!

Ever spot a new hair on your face that you wanted to instantly get rid of? The Philips Precision trimmer for women allows you to do just that! Compact and portable battery operated precision trimmer is a must have in your purse at all times!


  • Regular trimming head
  • 2 length trimming comb
  • Precision trimming attachment
  • Tweezers
  • Cleaning brush
  • Battery
  • Compact & Feminine design


Regular trimming head: You can remove your facial hair easily and safely with the regular trimming head to get soft and silky skin. This Philips trimmer is a trimmer instead of a blade which means that you can remove your facial hair easily without pain giving you clear and unwanted hair free skin

2 length trimming comb: the 2 length trimming combs allow you to quickly and easily shape your eyebrows to either 2mm or 4mm. all you have to do is attach the precision head over the trimming head, and its ready to use!

Precision trimming attachment: the precision trimmer allows you to choose how much trimmer is to be used on the face, so this feature ensures the removal of not more than a single hair at a time.

Tweezers: includes a portable tweezer that allows you to remove unwanted hair precisely  

Cleaning brush: cleaning of the brush is very easy since it includes a cleaning brush to maintain absolute hygiene. Keep it in a dry place away from water to protect it and for better and long lasting performance.

Battery: this appliance works on AAA battery enabling you to use it anywhere, anytime!



  • Color: Hot Purple
  • Finishing: Metallic
  • Handle: Compact

Ease of use

  • Cleaning: Cleaning brush
  • Battery: Cordless Operation
  • Portability: Portable & Compact to carry-on Power
  • Battery type: AAA


  • 2-year guarantee


  • Safe Hair Removal: Integrated trimmer head
  • Shape Definition: Precision attachment, 2mm & 4mm trimming comb, Tweezers for eyebrows


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