Philips Avent Breast Feeding Essentials Care Set SCF257/00 ( SCF257/00 )

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12x day-time breast pads
To keep you dry and comfortable during the day.
Developed with breastfeeding expert
Developed with midwife and baby adviser Vicky Scott who has been supporting mums with breastfeeding for 15 years.
6x night-time breast pads
Specially designed for extra absorbtion and comfort through the night.
1x nipple cream
To moisturize and soothe sore nipples
1x bra clip
To help you remember which side to feed from
2x thermogel pads for dual use
Warm use to stimulate breast milk flow - Cold use for soothing and relief - Comes with extra soft sleeves for added comfort

Technical specifications

  • Country of origin

  • Dimensions & weight

    226x150x70  mm
  • Functions

    Breast care
    • Day
    • Night
    • Soothing
  • What is included

    Disposable day breast pads
    12  pcs
    Disposable night breast pads
    6  pcs
    2-in-1 Thermopad
    2  pcs
    Moisturizing Nipple Cream
    15  ml
    Bra clip
    1  pcs
    Washable pouch
    1  pcs
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