AirFryer- 7-days Money Back Guarantee Campaign

How do I return my products?

In-store return
Return the product(s) in their original packaging including bundles and accessories within 7
days, together with Money Back Guarantee claim form & original purchase receipt to the
participating Philips’Brand Store or Blip Malaysia Office

What are the conditions for returning my product(s)?

The 7 days return period begins on the day you received the product.
General Return Conditions
In order for a return to be accepted, it must meet the following conditions:
 The product must be in its original state and packaging
 Dented or Scratched product is NOT accepted
 Return product must be in complete set which included original condition of F-box,
inserts and manual, product warranty card, bundles and accessories
 Accessories must have all parts of the original packaging
 Product must be clean
 Product has not been used for Commercial Purposes
 Product returned must match the batch code indicated in the Money Back Guarantee Form

When will I get my refund?

Please kindly note that we will only process your refund through the payment service that you
had used.

Credit Card Refund (Payment made by credit card)
Once the return has been approved, it takes up to 3 days for the refund to be made by Philips
brand store or Blip Malaysia Office to your payment services provider.
Please note that the time taken for a payment services provider to provide you with your refund
can vary depending upon the provider. If you do not receive your refund within 21 business days,
please contact respective brand store or Blips Malaysia office