Philips Power Pro Expert Bagless Vacuum Cleaner FC9728 ( FC9728/61 )

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PowerCyclone 6 for exceptional dust and air separation
The aerodynamic design of PowerCyclone 6 minimizes air resistance and ensures exceptional cleaning performance through 3 highly efficient steps: 1)Air enters fast into the PowerCyclone thanks to the straight and smooth air inlet. 2) The curved airpass quickly accelerates the air upwards in the cyclonic chamber. 3) At the top of the cyclone, the exit blades effectively cut out the dust from the air.
TriActive nozzle with unique 3-in-1 action
The TriActive nozzle cleans your floor in 3 ways in one go: 1) A larger opening at the tip of the nozzle easily sucks up big bits. 2) It has maximum cleaning efficiency due to optimized airflow through the nozzle. 3) The two side brushes sweep up the dust and dirt closely alongside furniture and walls.
Advanced dust bucket design for easy emptying
The dust container is perfectly designed for effortless dust disposal. Thanks to its unique shape and smooth surface, dust is collected at one side of the bucket and evenly glides into the dust bin.
Lightweight design for maneuverability
Only 5.5 kg lightweight design ensures great maneuverability.
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